A plea to bring back 4404

Why 4400 deserves a comeback?

The story is everything

Unlike other series produced by networks, 4400 has a good story line that is very interesting and entertaining to watch. The story is a mixture of fantasy and reality that is not overwhelming to believe.

People are willing to wait and still wanting for more

Years has passed yet 4400 has kept supportive fans and still being featured in many station’s network. We promised that if you give in to our request, you will receive our full support. You don’t have to market it anymore, we’ll do it for you.

Canceling it in the first place is a big mistake

We understand that there were issues at the time, low budget, writer’s strike, but never it had low ratings. I disagree to this because 4400 was one of the most in demand series when it was launched. It maintained the sense of the story ¬†and the characters involved and the viewers were still curious and hooked to the happenings of the series. There could have been more potential to this series but you ended it so promptly.

4400 will be highly anticipated thus making it profitable

Invest in the story folks. There might be The Game of Thrones as the highest rated series in 2016 but 4400 offers a different flavor. It’s already 2017 now, and yet we are still waiting for the come back. The Game of Thrones didn’t start that big, but the diversity of characters and the story made it to number 1. You had that chance before but didn’t make the right decision in keeping the show.

Listen to your viewers

Read Jordan Rey Allen’s letter¬†https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-back-the-4400. It’s time to give your viewers a favor of bringing back 4400. Many signed the petition, at least acknowledge that you have viewers like us that are exerting every effort to bring back the show.

4400 did it before and will be successful again

There were humors that reasons behind the reluctance of writers to continue the story is they might not be able to deliver the character the way it was delivered before. You created a wonderful show and you can create another one again. There is already a story that people loved, just follow up through with it.

Take the challenge

Forget the fear that is preventing you to continue the show. We are here and we will support you. So I’m challenging you to write and continue the story, it may not be the same previously, but we trust that your creativity we get us entertained once again.