About a Geek

Hi I’m Howdy the maker of this site.Watch out there's a geek

Who is Howdy?

Howdy is a geek who fell in love with the show. I made this site to express how serious  I am in persuading the producers to bring back the show. I’m a die hard fan of Netfilix’s 4400 show. I still subscribe to Netflix hoping that I’ll find something that could make me forget the pain I’ve been through from the cancellation of my favorite show.


What I really hate the most?

I hate CLIFFHANGERS! I was traumatized when I heard that the show was canceled. I don’t understand, everything looks promising with 4400. It was gaining popularity, many got hooked, only to find out that it will be canceled. Please don’t do that.

The things I like:

I’m into sci fi films and stories. I love comics specially marvel. I’m currently subscribing to http://marvel.com/comics/unlimited. My geekiness (a disease I invented for myself) is getting worst every year. I thought that I will become a normal human being once I reach adulthood, exactly the worst compared to what I expected from my self.

You already can tell that I like technology, a normal reputation of geeks in the society. I buy my stuff online called meritline just click the link and it’ll take you there. I love to stay home all day with my imaginary girlfriend (my computer). I really enjoy her company than going outside and party. I already accepted the fact that I’m not going to get married and have my own family. I’m just being honest.

My fashion statement

We geeks has the rights to look decent in our own geeky way. I have glasses which is pretty obvious the result of being a book worm. And I wear cool geek T-shirts. I love online shopping, now an addiction. I want to thank www.kleargear.com for sending me free stuff, the evidence that I’m buying too much stuff online. You guys rock. Thank you so much.