The Plot

A Place in time – Amanda Abizaid  (4400 theme song)

It was an ordinary night when a giant magic-ball like current surfaced to the sky.  As this magic ball figure-like thing disappeared, there were 4400 people standing. Clueless witnesses panicked because of this. The 4400 people have been missing for over 60 years. The world was shocked with what happened and was very eager in finding out what caused this phenomena. When the promicin broken free many people died in Seattle. Unusual happenings began to take place since that incident, Federal government hunts the very reason that caused this abnormalities.They assigned Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris to solve the mystery.

Diana Skouris doesn’t like Tom Baldwin at first, but they became solid friends in the end. They are protecting each other from drifting away from reality, it seems nothing is real anymore. Despite their closeness and understanding each other’s uniqueness they remained friends, no romantic relationship happened between the two.

The story revolved around the struggle of the Federal government from stopping Jordan Collier. He is a rich and ambitious prominent businessman who leads and funds the 4400. He mentored Shawn Farrell who has a healing ability, he thought that Shawn will be useful for him as he can use Shawn’s ability to heal and gather more funds for their organization called Nova Group. Later on, Jordan’s motives became twisted and pursued power for the wrong reasons. When 4400 learned the truth, they went in search for Tom and Diana to help them catch Jordan.

The ending was the city chaos, many questions unanswered, NTAC is promising to help. There could be more to it however they canceled the show! I wish that producers may find the potential of the show, they can do a remake or at least continue where it was left off.

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